Friday, February 09, 2007

More and more projects

I haven't done much art this week, but realized as I have looked around my office, that I haven't posted on this site a couple of other things that I have done in the recent past. Here is a mask that my kids and I made on a blustery Saturday Afternoon. Masks are fun and a great way to keep kids entertained.



Here is another cigar box that I started working on, but never finished. I use it in my office to hold scratch paper next to the phone. I guess that painting eyes on cigar boxes fascinates me...




Renate said...

Woah! What's this mask made of? It looks great!

mrana said...

wow, the expression on the 'mask is shocking yet somehow sad. Great new drawings!
btw i am tagging you to write 6 weird things about yourself! (

gingermoggy said...

Oh my! The mask looks for all the world like Prince Charles!!!! - It's the eyes!