Sunday, April 01, 2007

Exercise woes...


Recently I have been more diligent in making sure that I am exercising regularly. I sat down today to do some sketching. I suppose that whatever subconscious resentment for that exercise has leaked out of my pen onto the page. I suppose this is somewhat illustrative of what exercise sometimes feels like.

I'll let you decide just where the seat ended up......


  1. ooooh my gosh- this is a riot. It's even funnier because I've been building bikes with my guy for the past couple of weeks, and I HATE IT. They fight you every step of the way- nothing is machined right, the parts all get stuck, and you get all sorts of bruises and little cuts and slivers, ACH!

    So, um, yeah- my bike feelings AREN'T so subconscious- but I loooove this sketch :) *laughs*

  2. This guy is lovely...I'm assuming he's an Oregonian since he's wearing the U of O colors and....well....the "O". Maybe it's Phil Knight???? Great drawing!

    Emma Pod (Oregonian)

  3. You've made my day!

  4. What an imagination! I love your art and your wit. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Too, too funny! I hate exercising. If I didn't have to, I wouldn't. This is exactly how I feel when I force myself to workout. lol! This is just hysterical!

  6. great drawing. LOL so true