Saturday, October 20, 2007

A splendid Saturday


Today was one of the good days. After getting up and playing with the kids a bit, I was off to get my haircut. I've posted previously about the barber shop that I go to. There is a single barber, pulled right out of Mayberry, who comes to work in a white shirt, a tie, slacks, and he takes his own sweet time cutting hair. There are 3 chairs, 2 are never used (from his partners that have both died already) and the old men in town line up more for the conversation than the haircut. There is nothing better than sitting, sketching and listening to the conversation. I did the sketch above while listening to a handful of angry southern men ranting about the drought, politics, how to use a computer, and women not knowing how to drive. It was blissful. I kept my head down while I sketched because I had a grin that was hard to wipe off my face.

A bit later we took the kids on a drive to future camping and fishing spots, went out to dinner, and came home to relax.

A great day.


  1. I had a very good time browsing your blogs today. Your drawings are wonderful and thoughts lovely to read. Frederick Frank said: "To see the human condition in the old woman, in the child, in the model on the stand, in that particular human being, and to let the hand trace it, this act of adoration is called, 'drawing from life.' " You do that...I see this particularly in your masterful drawing of 10/6.

  2. This is very beautifully done and it sounds like your day was really wonderful.