Tuesday, July 31, 2012

EDM Challenge 11, Glasses....(Also, remembering Dad)

Moving onto EDM challenge number 11, I am tasked with drawing a pair of glasses.  As I thought about all of the various potential compositions...this one seemed boring.  But, I remembered a picture of my dad that I picked up when I was back home a few weeks ago.  This was of him on his mission in August of 67...he was  just a young man, but I love this picture!   It is blurry, the color is faded, but I decided that I wanted to draw it and include it in a project that I will be undertaking soon...namely, "Letters to Dad."
Shortly after my Dad died back in 2001, I found that I really began to struggle with coping.  The only thing that I could do to help me with the loss was to write him letters.
It's been a long time since his passing, and the pain has changed from a wound with a constant, hemorrhaging flow of pain, to a more dull, deep longing to see him again.
I thought that it would be interesting to go back to the letters and begin to sketch out some of the key passages, maybe turn it into a book for my kids and family on the memories and feelings and challenges and resultant growth that came from putting my feelings on paper....
Well, if I do it, this picture will probably be the cover.

(Also...don't those glasses rock?!  He made 'em cool before George McFly!

Here he is, Mark J. Monson, just before his 20th birthday, California


  1. The story behind the picture brought tears to my eyes and made the picture even more beautiful than it already is!

  2. The story behind the picture brought tears to my eyes and made the picture more beautiful and meaningful than it already is.

  3. I miss your Dad. A picture of him hangs in my library and reminds me of all the wonderful books he introduced to me.