Friday, August 17, 2012

E.D.M. Challenge #16, Draw Your Favorite Tool

I stayed home today and worked from the home office.  I knocked out as much as possible quickly, and found that I had a couple of hours of solitude at home whilst the lovely wife was away doing errands.  The EDM challenge that was next for me was "Draw Your Favorite Tool."  At first, I thought of screwdrivers, because I use them constantly at home...and for things that they weren't designed, but that's a different story for another time.
Earlier I had explained that I was going to start illustrating or journaling some of the entries or letters that I wrote to my dad after he passed away.  I reflected back to some of the things that I had written, and pulled up this portion of a letter I wrote.  It also fits the EDM challenge.

This tool.....A BOOT-REMOVER that was carried across the plains by my ancestor, John S. Haslam

(Here is his picture)

His Grandson, Ralph Wesley Haslam, was my Great Grandfather, and he had the boot-remover in his living room and I remember it from when I was just a pup.

Here is a picture of my Great Grandpa Haslam with my brother in his front the house that I used to visit when I was a boy.

Here is the resulting doodle and "journaling" of my letter to Dad:

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