Saturday, October 01, 2016

My Fair Lady....bug.

These weekend has given me a lot of time to sit and listen to people far wiser than me via General Conference while working on a few more envelopes for various people, friends.  I'm so grateful that there are kind, sincere and trustworthy voices in a world that is belching with discord and anger and I find some solace in knowing that leadership still can be found despite the apparent drought of integrity that we see so much of.  
Nonetheless, I went back to my doodling of insects, something I love, for one envelope.  There is something magical about the contrast of black and red on the backs of ladybugs!  I also did an envelope for some young, yet insightful new parents that just lost their firstborn during childbirth.  Finally, I returned to the sea for a quick doodle of an octopus for yet another envelope to send out this week.  There is so much color in the ocean, and I find myself going back to fish and other things therein to explore with the pen.  
A special thanks to all who reached out through comments and other means to share your thoughts about posting.  They were appreciated!

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