Friday, November 24, 2006

Inappropriate Thanksgiving Pondering

I was driving home from the Atlanta airport today after dropping off my mother while pondering the sheer volume of turkey that must have been consumed the day previous. My morbid thoughts kicked in and I began wondering how many turkeys must have been killed, and finally...where the heck do all those heads go?
When I got home, I put my thoughts to sketchpad.....and came p with this yuckiness (as says my wife.)


  1. Anonymous7:19 AM

    I love it. Your drawings are really good. I've been looking at them for the past couple weeks. I love your style. I just joined the EDM a week or two ago but have been looking around at all the blogs for months. I have to place your blog/drawings in the top 5. I'm not joking, I love a sense of humor in drawing too. The guy in your 'Will work for comments' is me, not in looks but the want for comments, I understand. Keep it up!!

    Pat G.

  2. I now have visions of turkey heads covering the US. Then I start wondering what happens to all the cow heads, pig heads etc., it never ends. Great drawing. Love your stuff.

  3. Anonymous8:47 PM

    Ok, so yes, it's a little yucky....but the drawing itself is really outstanding! I love the vivid colors!