Friday, January 13, 2017

"Air" Mail

This week's doodled envelope, sent to a neighbor who is down on her luck.  

Saturday, January 07, 2017

A Couple More Letters

After finishing my annual Christmas Can, it was back to the regular sketches and doodles.  I did one last week but failed to post, and finished another envelope up today.  The goal is to send out a letter a week to someone who has come on hard times, who has impacted my life in some way or another, or who just might be in need of a fun, little envelope.  Here are the two most recent:
A little lighthouse for a friend who's husband recently passed away.
A more tranquil doodle for an individual who helped me remember some truths about myself and reminded me of some key insights that I had forgotten.  This one was fun to put the mailing address right on the big lily pad!

Friday, December 23, 2016

Another Christmas Can

Years ago, I tried a little painting on some tin cans.  It was fun to play on that surface, and so I continued to paint on them.  Almost every year since, I've painted something related to the nativity or Christ during the Christmas holiday.  I wondered if I was going to find the time this year since things have been crazy with work and other demands.  But, thankfully, I was able to finish this up tonight, with one whole day to spare before the holiday. This is the largest can I've painted thus far, I've had it crushed and primed for a few years just sitting in my desk amongst other cans.  Now it's finally used up.  I hope you enjoy, and more importantly, I hope you have a beautiful and introspective Christmas season whereupon you can reflect upon the greatest gifts that life has afforded you.        

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Super Doodle

This week has been crazy busy with work, Christmas prep, concerts for the boys and a host of other things.  Consequently, I've had little time to knock out much in the art department.  I'm hoping to paint another Christmas themed Can before the actual day arrives...we'll see about that.  Nevertheless, I did find time to knock out an envelope to a couple that I have long admired and that I consider heroes in the most important areas of life.  The letter goes in the mail tomorrow...  

Saturday, December 03, 2016

Nuts for Envelopes

Yup, had to come back to the envelope thing...still loving sending out little doodles to unsuspecting people inside of my realm of influence.  This one is for a dear friend who is a little nuts (hence the squirrel) from back in Georgia.  A person who, despite having to face some sincere challenges in her life, has been stalwart and passionate about moving forward and making the best out of circumstances that are put in her way.  I'm so grateful to know her and her great example.....also, I kinda miss all the squirrels that we so often saw while living in Georgia.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Honorable Native American

Alas, with the Thanksgiving holiday upon me, I have found a few extra minutes to keep doodling.  Today I found a rather dignified and intriguing old photograph of a Native American Indian Chief.  This afternoon I sketched him and reflected upon the richness of what his history must have been.  His facial expression drew me in, he's someone I would have liked to know.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Naked Turkey Restored

A few years ago, to have some fun with the kiddos during the Thanksgiving holiday, I drew a naked turkey badly in need of some feather covering.  Then we drew feathers, put them on the empty plates before Thanksgiving dinner, and wrote on each feather what we were grateful for.  We then put the feathers on the turkey, to cover his nakedness, and as a reminder to us of the many things with which we have been blessed.  It was fun to see everyone's feathers, as well as have a little activity to get the family talking and discussing the real "meat" of the Thanksgiving season.  I couldn't find a decent version of the file I created a few years ago, so I redid it, painted it and painted new feathers for people to use for this year's holiday.

 By clicking on the actual picture, it should bring up a fairly good resolution picture you can print, cut out, and put on your wall if you want to have a little activity for your family this year.  Please feel free to use it at home.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!