Monday, May 29, 2017


Normally, I only knock out one envelope per week.  At least, that is my goal.  But, since today is a holiday and I am not at work, why not do another?  This envelope will go out soon to an individual who has been silently, and without fanfare, helping our family in multiple ways for a long time.  A great example of work, service and kindness, and to top it off, he loves to fish (hence the trout themed envelope).  This one is done in gouache, pen and ink and acrylic.

After looking at previous posts, I've realized that there are a handful of fish related entries...I guess I'm a fish guy as well as an insect guy.  You can see others here, here, here and here.

Sunday, May 28, 2017


Recently I have had an opportunity to reflect on individuals that were placed in my life which served as great influences which turned on lights inside of my soul by their mentoring and their kindness and patience with me.  Todays letter goes out to such a man, Richard Summers, who affected my trajectory in ways that I probably still do not fully understand.  This envelope was done in acrylic, gouach and pen and ink.

Friday, May 19, 2017

...on Eagle's Wings

The majority of the recent "doodled mail" that I have sent out were to great young men and women that I had the chance to get to know while serving in Rome, Georgia.  These people chose to go out of their comfort zones and serve full time missions for their church throughout the world.  The envelope I finished tonight, however, goes to another outstanding young man, also from that part of the country, who is embarking on a different, yet no less important type of mission.  He has chosen to serve our country in the armed forces, and just recently left to Parris Island, South Carolina for boot camp.  I'm grateful for him, and for all the other brave men and women that put on the uniform to defend my liberties.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

...more Japanese mail

A few months ago I sent off a little doodled envelope to a friend serving a mission in Japan.  He's an amazing young man.  His sister, who is equally amazing, is also serving as a missionary there currently. I feel blessed to know them.  This was the envelope I just sent off to her in Fukuoaka.  Background is in acrylic, to get a little bolder color, and the koi is in gouache.  

Saturday, May 06, 2017

Red Completed

Alas, I am finished with least for a while.  I added a tomato, some Chinese maple leaves, and a curious little chicken head to continue the study of the color red, but I can say that I am happy now to move onto another color.  Here are a few details, and then the final painting.

Now it's time to go mow the law and pick weeds...I'm sure I'll find other colors and critters to inspire.

Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Red, continued...

I stated in the previous post that there is something deeply satisfying for me to paint in red.  Continuing with the "red" theme, I added this little fella to the Umbrella Monk doodle that I did the other night.  Lady bugs are such a beautiful little insect.  The bright color is actually a warning to predators that they don't taste too good.  But, OH, how fun they are to paint!

What's coming next on the "Red" page?  Not sure yet, but it will be fun to paint, whatever it is.....