Saturday, March 24, 2007



I have been somewhat less than diligent in sketching lately, so I decided that I would force myself to get something out of my pen and brush today. This is what came out. I photoshopped in a background to give it a little bit of a frame. Although I don't particularly feel good about the result, I enjoy drawing whimisical doodles like this one. I think my "sailing sumo" is in the same league. Fun, nonsensical doodles....

Friday, March 02, 2007

Business Trip

I was in Philadelphia this week for a business trip and consequently found myself with some airplane time and airport time. To help the wait go by quicker, I pulled out the "handy dandy sketchbook" and began some stuff.
The idea of antique photographs and monsters came to mind, and so I came up with these two:



Once I grew weary of doodling monsters, I decided to do a token fish picture. I tend to do fish whenever I am on a plane. Why? No clue, but here is what came out:


The final doodle that came out was an ornery one that I entitled "wounded and bitter". He was fun to do. I haven't painted him yet, and am still wondering if I will, but we'll see....