Friday, May 25, 2012

Back to Basics...enjoying MIND JUICE!

Years ago I started this blog to house random scribbles that I did while in meetings, or on the phone, has evolved into displaying other types of art...but there is something wonderfully simple and yet beautiful to the randomness of scribblings. Over the past few weeks I have been on numerous calls at work going over costings for this, or reviews of safety procedures for that, formulating responses to bid requests for them, and how to configure the network for access to a certain new functionality...... My hand is always moving, and taking notes, but when the conversation tends to repeat itself, or someone on the other side wants to linger and be verbose, that's when it happens.....scribbles. I love the end result, and hardly realize I'm doing it until I hand up the phone. One of my employees made me pull them out of the trash because he thought they were cool....So I thought I'd post a few pages of complete, unadulterated MIND JUICE...
I added a bit of color, while I was waiting for my lovely wife to come home from shopping....and whilst my youngest tried to reason with me as to why it was a parental responsibility to allow him to have our credit card number in his Nintendo DS for those late night emergency purchases of the newest games. By doing such, he wouldn't have to wake us up and bother us with such trifling things.....he's only 8....but looks to have a good future in used car sales.

"Bugger" invasion

Over the past few years, I have become very interested in insects, collecting them, drawing them, pinning them....catching them....employing all my friends in catching and freezing them..., I believe I am in need of professional help. At night, when I can't sleep, I'll sneak outside in my jammies and a butterfly net, hoping to find some cool visitors by our floodlights. My neighbors probably think I'm drunk. Anyway, I have started a little "bug book" in one of the many Moleskines that I have laying around the house. Here are the first couple of pages...and a snapshot of my "insect morgue" where the little buggers are prepared for mounting and display.