Saturday, January 20, 2007

Saturday's Sketches (January 20, 2007)


Today was a day full of chores, errands and mindless running around. I did, however, get my hair cut. There is a little old man who runs his barber shop. Both of his other partners have died, and he alone runs the shop. It is called the Alto Barber Shop, and every time I go in there, it is packed. He is always dressed in a white, short-sleeved shirt, tie, slacks and dress shoes, and loves to talk with all the people that come in to get their hair done.
When I found this guy, it was like stepping back into time. I don't care about the wait, I love it.
While I was waiting, I decided to sketch one of the 3 hair wash basins that he has lining the old shop.

This other sketch is one of a snake that I didn't really enjoy drawing. This came out of my head, which is evident by the unfinished nature of the head. I promised myself that I would take a look at snake heads so I could finish it, but grew uninterested in the doodle. So, here is a semi-finished snake sketch...



  1. Wonderful job on the sink, Witness, and I enjoyed the written post too. I love it when you find a place like that, that hasn't changed in years.

  2. Love the hatching, especially on the sink.

  3. Great job on this sink and love the story too.

    Your snake looks....scary. shudder.

  4. Oh WOW! Adore that sink...I mean basin. Whatever you call it I adore it!!