Saturday, June 23, 2007

mouth that runneth over....

Here is a sketch that I did while watching t.v. the other night. Who is she? I don't really know. Maybe a typical high school cheerleader who's 20 year, post-school stint, hasn't been too kind. The hair is nice, but it's the rest that needs work....
Or, maybe it's Chelsea Clinton in 20 years, (like mother, like daughter).
You decide....


My kids and I have been sketching together quite a bit. Here are a couple that my daughter did while we were on a Saturday afternoon "sketch hunt."

McKenna's Coke

mckenna's flower


  1. fun drawing...POOR Chelsea...what a future...see your daughter takes after her dad:>

  2. Great drawing! Oh my what a fun theme. lol! Love the flower that your kid drew, so colorful and full of fun. The other one is great, too, but I just love that flower!