Friday, August 31, 2007

Another Portrait Exchange

A couple of days ago a fellow contacted me and kindly suggested another portrait exchange. His name was Roy Mosby, and you can check out his stuff here.
I agreed, and sent him off a photo, and I received this in return:
He was kind enough, in his email exchange, to ask if the shadows would make it too complex...and I tucked that away in the back of my mind.

After work today in an effort to relax, I decided to get this project done and started looking at his photo. I continued to think about his comment regarding the shadows, and Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon" kept coming to, I went with it.

Here's what came out (I'll probably color it later, but I'm too tired tonight.)



  1. Damn Witness! I LOVE the way your mind works.

  2. Hilarious! And a good likeness, too.

  3. This is wicked awesome! Pink Floyd would be proud . . .

  4. What a great portrait! You are so talented! I also like the one he did of you.

  5. thanks for sharing these, witness. they're up now.

    p.s., what's the name of the music that plays when i open your webpage? i really like it.