Sunday, September 09, 2007


Here are a few more doodles that I did over the weekend. The first one just kind of happened on the paper. I was thinking about creating an image that left the viewer to decide if it was about one thing, or the exact opposite. I suppose it could be about surrendering. Or, it could be about faithfully upholding the standard, despite decide.


This other one was done while I was at a meeting that was discussing the importance of the family. September is an interesting month for me because my Dad's birthday is in, while the speaker taught, I didn't really digest what he was saying...rather, was thinking about dad, and wondering what that reunion will be retrospect, maybe I was digesting exactly what the speaker intended. So while he was speaking, I was sketching. I later added the photo of my father when he was a boy.

Thinking of Dad


  1. You know that reunion will be amazing! I am looking forward to some more "conference" art!

  2. :-) I think you have a good idea of the importance of family, if what we read here is true! Wonderful drawing, as always, and I really love the addition of the photo.

  3. I hope that the reunion (and drawings) bring you peace, understanding and calm. You are correct that drawing while listening frees up the unconscious to figure things out.

  4. I also nominated you for a Creative Blogger Award. Unfortunately I can't find a way to e-mail you -- details are on my blog. :-)

  5. Great sketch! And I feel you already know the importance of family from reading your blog.