Monday, May 26, 2008

Wood pile...

Today was Memorial Day and we spent the evening in our friend's backyard surrounded by our family and other friends from the neighborhood. It was a good evening eating, chatting, relaxing and watching the children play, get dirty and run, run, run.
I was fascinated with the woodpile by the fire and decided to whip out a sketch of the various shadows on the logs. This is what resulted:



  1. I like all of your work, but there's something about a good pen/ink illustration that always appeals to me. So, I especailly enjoyed this one. Very good.

  2. I, too, like all of your work. I adore this one. I think I may have mentioned that before - just thought I'd mention it again. Brilliant.

  3. great pen and ink sketches and journaling

  4. I too appreciate all your work. I think your ink work is amazing and makes me want to retire my pens.