Saturday, June 07, 2008

More stuff for the Moly-x-24 group

It was a CRAZY busy week, but despite the lack of time, after I received the most recent "hand-off" from the moleskine exchange, I had to make time to finish my section. I gave more detail about the process on the Moly-24 website, but thought I would post the pictures on this site as well.

Moly 24 (rat panorama)



  1. oh my God! Now I know we were separated at birth! I honestly thought I was the only one who had done a drawing of an eviscerated animal! I did a squirrel a while back - ala Boy Scout Handbook (The Boy Scouts always had way more fun than the Girls) and people thought I was a freak....

    I love what you did here - the color is amazing, and that glove is the perfect touch.

    Oh, and by the way - we saw They Might Be Giants at a kids fest a few weeks ago. It was amazing fun, and of course I thought of you.

  2. Love your work. Everytime one of your pieces shows up on 'skine art it is a pleasure to take in.

  3. what i like about the drawing is the hand. when i looked at it first, i didn´t even notice that i hadn´t drawn the hand. only later did i i notice that it was your hand.
    i also drew an dissected animal, but it isn´t as realistic as this one.