Saturday, June 14, 2008

Rainy Saturday...

This week my wife's sister came into town for an enjoyable few days. They packed all the kids (except for my youngest) into the cars this morning and headed for the Atlanta History Museum. That left my little boy and me with lots of time to play around and have fun. After a few chores, playing on the wii, and lunch, we decided to jam out to music and paint/draw.

He made these two little masterpieces:(this is his interpretation of the Death Star)

(and this is what he painted watching the rain outside our window.)

His attention span lasted almost a half an hour while painting, which is impressive. I started this little sketch, but wasn't able to finish because he was already moving to the next activity...which happened to be "How many things can I stick in the aquarium before dad notices?"



  1. Your work is always fantastic, and your son's paintings are truly exciting. He should do more. Are the fish okay?

  2. Both your and your son's sketches are great. Your sketch is very expressive. What medium did you use?