Thursday, November 24, 2011

Preparing the Turkey

This morning, as my wife arose early to start the cooking, I decided to do some cooking of my own, but with a pen instead of an oven.
First, I found a great picture on Flickr of a turkey head, and started to sketch my very own little turkey head.  This is how it ended up:

Then, after getting an idea for a Thanksgiving meal activity, I decided to add a body of a naked turkey trying to cover up his "naughty bits."


My youngest son and I then spent the morning making little colored feathers to put upon everyone's plate for dinner (whereupon they would write the things they were thankful for and paste them to the very naked and cold Turkey man).  This is what our poster board Turkey Man looked like after being "clothed" with everyone's blessings:


I liked the head enough that I decided to color with with watercolor and colored pencil, for a finished head like this:


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