Monday, November 14, 2011

Still Catching Up

I'm still trying to catch up on posting things that I missed during my prolonged "absence." This on is probably my favorite since I have been gone. My wife doesn't much care for it, but I like the edgy representation of a bible verse. It gave me the idea of illustrating a Bible, doing a picture for random stories.....probably wouldn't get picked up by Deseret Book....unless I put a loin cloth on this guy....HA! fallen

Here's a few others for enjoyment: (Here's another unliked sketch by the wife...she thought it was kinda cheese-ball. I had fun doodling it at my daughter's band competition. Do you get the cheesy pun? i's in the back of his head

And yet another little devil..... devilman bareback suspendees monster chaps

This one was done watching people line up before the stampede into the airplane during a business trip..... waiting impatiently


  1. I would put my vote in for a loin cloth on that first picture too :).

  2. He fell so quickly, I think it blew off during the descent.