Sunday, July 16, 2017


Today my family and I returned home from a trip to Utah to drop off our son at the Missionary Training Center for our church, in his continued preparation to serve a two year, full-time mission in Colorado Springs.  We are very proud of him for his decision to dedicate two years of his life volunteering to help others, something that seems less and less common in this world of selfies, immediate gratification and "what's in it for me?"  Aside from the neat experience going to the M.T.C., we also had a bunch of time to spend with great friends and catching up after some extended time apart.
Recognizing the importance of friends in the life of my son, and the influence they've had on him, I reflected on the power of friendship and how relationships from my youth played and continue to play such a profound role in my life.  Among many friends that we visited, were Brian and Elaine, who invited us to come and visit and spend time with their amazing family.  I doodled this envelope to them for their kindness and goodness, and for the impact that they have played in my life.

And here's a quick selfie we did on their porch just as we were leaving.  What beautiful people!

Since I am on the friendship theme now...there are a few more envelopes in the works to thank others for the influence they have had on my life.  Stay tuned for those....

This is done in gouache with a hint of pen and ink .


  1. We treasure this frog Justin and are grateful for your family and your example and positive influence on ours. On a more personal note, you have been my best friend for a long time. Time and distance may limit our interaction, but it doesn't limit the bond. You are the type of person that I'm sure many others also feel that you are their best friend. That's pretty cool. Thank you for the friendship over the years

    1. Brian, these are kind words! Thanks for you thoughtfulness. (I won't tell anyone about the Franklins that I slipped your way for the accolades)