Saturday, August 12, 2017

Something Peaceful

Normally, I shy away from landscapes, especially when painting.  I seem to struggle with the temptation to hit every detail, capture every bit of information, which tends to make the painting labored and cumbersome.  On this week's envelope, I decided to just play with color and contrast while painting a countryside.  Instead of the normal gouache, I used acrylic because I wanted something a little more opaque and full, but the scan captures the shininess of the acrylic and left little white dots on the darker colors that really aren't there...but nonetheless, I was happy with the way it came out.
There is a fellow in my neighborhood that I sit next to, at times, in church.  He is older, and uses hearing aids to better hear what is being taught.
I notice during Sunday school, when he has his hearing aids dialed in just right to capture the volume of the instructor, he jumps and is in a startling pain whenever a baby cries or shrieks inside of the room.  This is likely due to the noise being amplified greater, giving this man a shock to the eardrum.
It happens every week, without fail, and yet, despite being frustrated, he is still kind and continues to come each week to hear what is being taught. It clearly would be easier to sit at home, be angry with his circumstances and curse the little one's that unknowingly cause him the startle. Yet, he's there every week.
It may seem like a small thing, but I'm grateful for his example of steadfastness.  When I am his age, and struggling with similar circumstances, I hope that I am as kind, as persistent, and able to "endure to the end" as gracefully.
This envelope, with a letter of thanks for his example will go out to him tomorrow.


  1. I love the landscape! And sounds like a lovely old man and a perfect recipient!

  2. Your writing is as descriptive as your paintings... what a gift! Beautiful!