Friday, June 23, 2006

Safety Meeting 6/23/2006

We went over the findings of our safety audit today. It was a lengthy meeting. I had time to do a lot of shading. I finished this and started a banana (see in the bottom), but I didn't scan that one. This was sufficient.


  1. Beautiful work once again. I love that I can see your construction lines. I have been trying to teach my nieces how to use them, they are 11 and 12 years old and one isn't interested and the other is too impatient. Yours make your drawings look excellent!

  2. I love these drawings of office tools that you´ve been doing! I agree with Shelly that it´s cool that the construction lines are still there.
    How cool wouldn´t it be to make a series of huge acrylic paintings of these, construction lines and all?

  3. Love seeing the tape dispenser! I am always drawing those...I substitute teach, and I like to draw whatever is on the teacher's desk. Haven't gotten a tape dispenser just right yet - yours looks great!! Enjoyed looking at your blog!