Saturday, September 09, 2006


It's Saturday morning and I couldn't sleep last night. My mind has been on work incessantly and my synapses have been firing about this and that. I haven't been able to really step away from work mentally since my responsibilities have been increased.
When I woke up I decided to paint and sketch, hoping it would take my mind off of things. It did. I grabbed a leaf from one of our trees in the front yard. They are already turning because it has been so hot with little water. I enjoyed the time spent painting.


  1. It is beautiful!!! And perfect, but alas,it means winter is not far behind.

  2. Wonderful painting of the autumn leaf. So sorry that your head is spinning with work -- I HATE it when that happens, and new responsibilities make it even worse. Exercise, walk, work out, do yoga -- get physical -- that's how to exorcise those work demons! (trust me on this one ...)

  3. Your "Leaf" painting shows you concentrate well while stressed. Work does that to a person. That is why I had little time to paint when I was working. Now I am retired and I love the free time to draw and paint and do whatever.

  4. love the leaf painting! just seems so life-like that it could be picked up off of the page. impressive!