Thursday, May 24, 2007

Super Hero Fun with my boy

For the past two weeks my wife has been ill and unable to be as involved as normal with the family. It's been sad for us, however, it has given me an opportunity to spend a lot more time with my children. The other night my son and I were playing a game with our sketchbooks. He would guess a name of an unknown superhero (something that nobody has heard of yet) and I would draw it. Conversely, I would pick a name for him, and he would come up with his version of a superhero. We had a blast doing it, and he made a ton of drawings. I'll be posting them here over the next few days because THEY ROCK! Here is his first:


HAVE NO FEAR...FIVE LEGGED MAN IS HERE!! Say goodbye to those two-legged butt-kickin's. You haven't seen justice until you've seen the bad guys get their arse kicked by the FIVE LEGGED MAN!!!


  1. What amazes me (besides your fantastic drawing ability!) is that these images come from your mind! Looks like your son has your wonderful imagination! Hope your wife is well soon.

  2. Wow! Great super hero!! Tell your son I liked this guy.