Friday, November 30, 2007



In a few weeks we'll be flying back to our homeland where snow is real. We've been in Georgia long enough that we've become acclimated to the climate. While I was thinking about the clothing we'll need to bring for the kids, I took time to sketch a little boy that is impatiently waiting for the snow to fall....


  1. I love this one! His big puffy coat, and furry mittens - the way everything is just a little too big. Reminds me of that scene in A Christmas Story (I can't put my arrrmmmssss down!) Great sketch. I hope you guys get your snow. We're supposed to get the first of ours tomorrow.

  2. This makes me think of my own kids and how they can't play after mom gets them bundled up enough to go out in the cold. We are due for our first snow storm tonight.

  3. Your artwork is great and your colors are very brilliant. What type of scanner do you use?