Saturday, February 09, 2008

Ending the dry spell.....

I haven't posted for months now and frankly, I haven't done too much art. During the holiday season I did a few things as a request from my mother. These are sketches of my kids:




As for sketches on my own, I haven't really put out too much. On the flight to Salt Lake I did this little doodle:


When I grew tired of doodling, my little boy took my moleskine and drew his little monster:

Chaim's Monster

Finally, a couple of months ago while I was chaperoning a youth dance for our church, I parked myself in a dark corner and did this guy:



  1. A dark corner indeed! Hope I never have to come face to face with this character. I could never produce the kind of art you do, and that is part of what's so fabulous about having the chance to visit the blogs of such diverse artists. Good to see you posting again!

  2. Wow, you are back!
    The drawings of your children are unbelievabley good. WOW.

  3. SOO happy your back! Love that last guy! A cross between Ed Asner and the nightmare foreman/boss in the back room. and your son's sketch is fantastic - easy to see he takes after you.

  4. Anonymous6:13 PM

    The little monster is great, it even has a heart, despite its face. The sketches of your children, perfect!!! And the guy at the end, hilarious! wonderful drawings!

    (I cannot login with my wordpress identity)

  5. Anonymous6:53 PM

    Glad to see you posting! I love your style, your humor and thoughtfulness in what you draw. I want to be you!

  6. I enjoy your work and am so glad you posted again. Your style is wonderful!

  7. Gosh, that guy needs to get out more! The portraits are fabulous, your children must love them!

  8. The sketches are great -- I especially LOVE the ones of your kids! What a treasure!

  9. Good for people to know.