Saturday, March 08, 2008

San Diego Trip

This week I had to travel to San Diego for a business awards ceremony. The good thing was that I had a lot of time to sketch on the plane, in the airport and at the resort. Here are a couple of the doodles that resulted:

While we were waiting to get on the plane I saw everyone scarfing down food in preparation for the 5 hour flight. This guy is what came to mind:


While we were on the plane it seemed that we had the displeasure of sitting within nose-shot of the most flatulent passenger on Delta. As I was assaulted repeatedly, I looked throughout the cabin and noticed that the area of effect was not just my row. There was an older lady sitting in front of me who was crinkling up her I sketched this little lady. I mounted her head because, well, because I was in a bad mood.


After breakfast one morning while we were waiting for our ride to Sea World, I did a quick sketch of some of the foliage behind the resort. I didn't care for the way it came out, so later I started pasting in various things in our room that I had laying around. I still don't like the sketch, but I enjoyed the compiling of things in a sketchbook. It gave more depth and interest to the subject matter.



  1. Love these drawings!

  2. Wonderful posts! I don't know why you weren't happy with the foliage drawing ... you must have covered up the bad stuff, because what I see looks awesome! ;-)

    I just love bringing your blog up and doing other stuff while I listen to your playlist, too.

  3. Nature and me5:46 PM

    I love that drawing of the belly man. Sure to make people laugh and smile.

  4. The hair on his legs - her ice cream hair and mad librarian scowl - your ability to capture the essential things that make a character real never ceases to amaze me.

  5. lol these are great drawings! I love Ms Snooty