Saturday, October 11, 2014

Who ordered the Fish?

My eldest son and I have been on our own for the past week as family business up in Utah has taken away the rest of the family.  Consequently, we've been eating a lot of easy, no-fuss, meals due to time constraints, and, frankly, the lack of desire that either of us have to cook.
The other night we ran through a quick "drive through" after picking up my son from band camp, and I ordered fish.  Mistake.
I've always loved a well cooked, succulent filet of fish.  This was far from it.
So, today as I found a few minutes to doodle, I thought I would sketch a few fish.  I love the way that the expressions on most fish are as if they were either in utter amazement, or bewilderment.  I'm not finished with it yet, two more fish to go...but I thought I would post it for postings sake....

Fish, anyone?


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  1. Nice! I agree - fish do have unusual expressions! 🐟