Saturday, September 03, 2016

Working Through the Addiction

The past few weeks I started doodling over envelopes and sending them out to people for various reasons...when I started, I thought it would be a one time deal, but since then, not only have I had continued requests for envelopes, but I just really enjoy knocking them out.  I'm addicted.  There is something about doodling on an envelope that takes away any inhibitions that a canvas, rag paper or new sketchbook might's just a stinkin' envelope anyway, right?  But the fact that it's just an envelope lends to the lack of constraint.  Also, it's fun to send a letter to someone that shows you actually spent some time and thought into what is being sent...something lost in our incessant electronic communication...something that has become so impersonal and immediate.  Anyway, here are a few more envelopes done the past couple of days.  I'm sure there will be more....  
I did this one for the son of one of my cousins who likes Dinosaurs.

And here's the development of an envelope, front and back, for another loved one.

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  1. I love this idea of drawing on envelopes. I did a little of it years ago but you have just inspired me to get back at it. Your work is awesome!