Saturday, January 28, 2017

Soccer Parks and Japanese Mail

Today was my turn to take my youngest to his soccer game up to North Phoenix.  He plays all over, but the complex he went to today, the Rose Mumford Sports Complex, is my favorite because of all the older trees that dot the landscape.  So, while he was out there vigorously defending the goal as "keeper", I watched the game, as well as vigorously sketched the trees as a "doodler." The game finished before I did, but here's what ended up in my sketchbook:
Also, last week I doodled yet another envelope and sent it off to a friend who is serving a mission in Japan.  I envy the amazing beauty that he is likely seeing every day in the architecture, the symbolism and the culture.

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  1. Hiroyo9:29 PM

    Wow it's so pretty!
    I hope he will bring it back in a good condition so that we can frame it!