Saturday, September 23, 2017

Snails and Mountains

This weekend I was able to knock out a couple more envelopes for people.  The first one is going out "SNAIL MAIL" to an unsuspecting recipient.  I spend so much time at work digitally communicating with others that it is really a joy to create something, some meaningful communication, via regular email.  I'm sure that as technology advances ever onward, the good ol' US Post office will continue to slide into irrelevance.  But, I'm happy that I'm doing my part each week to make a stamped letter retain its wonder.

The second letter is headed out to the last of the crew that I spoke of in a previous post.  It's taken me a bit, but finally have finished a letter to each of the group of friends from yester-year. I was driving the other day towards the Superstition Mountains before the sun came up and I was in awe of the multiple shades of blue and purple of the layered bluffs in contrast to the pink and every brightening sky.  I decided to try my hand at another landscape to catch those colors. Now that it's done, I'm on the hunt for new recipients.

The first was done mainly in gouache with a hint of pen and ink to outline.  The second almost entirely with acrylic, but with a slight amount of prismacolor.