Saturday, November 11, 2017

Digital Doodle

Today, I had the chance to take my son to one of his multiple and varied soccer games and sit with the other parents watching their children play.  I will confess, however, that there was this beautiful little tree, in front of my car that seemed to be begging me for a sketch.  So, I decided to try my first digital drawing, using my iPad Pro and the Procreate app.  I kept one eye on the game, and the other on the treee.  I’m not convinced that I’ve got what it takes to do things digitally, but it was fun playing aound with the strokes.  What was equally interesting is being able to watch the videos that the application automatically makes as you create your little doodle.  I’ve included it here as well.

The end of the game came so fast that I was unable to add much foliage, but I enjoyed playing around with the texture of the bark and the undulating branches.  While I am not yet the master cross-hatcher, like my friend France Van Stone, I love a good doodle with layering lines.