Saturday, April 21, 2018

Digital Doodling

I haven't posted anything for a while, but I haven't been stagnant either.  I've been trying my hand at digitally creating art, and there is quite a learning curve for me.  Yet, I am enjoying the immediacy, the vibrancy and ability to morph and transform what is being worked on with relative ease.

The need for me to use art to try to help brighten the lives of others still needs to be a constant for me, so I have been trying to figure out how to use the digital image in connection with the "envelopes" that I have been sending to others previously.  I tried printing right on top of the envelope and it didn't come out well.  So, I decided to print the image on photo paper the same size as the envelope and am putting them right in the envelope with the letters that I send off to accompany the doodle.

Here are the last two that I did.  Again...a work in progress, and I hope to increase my ability by continuing to play with this medium, but these went out to two individuals that I care about, and that have recently faced some very challenging situations.

The first, I did because....(NEWS FLASH)....I love insects.  But also because I recently listened to an amazing discourse on the need for us to act similarly to the monarch butterfly.  You can hear the brief discourse was very inspiring.  The gentleman who received this letter has been an example of how to unite, how to love, how to watch over and help others, and I have been the beneficiary of his kindness.  He recently lost his wife to Leukemia, and this went out to him with my love, condolences and a wish that I was back in Georgia to enjoy his presence again.

The second was done for a friend who has been facing the very real challenges of raising a family and watching a child make decisions that are self-destructive.  It's been inspiring watching her trying to determine how best to help, to love, and yet, to continue to reinforce acceptable boundaries.  The letter I sent to her spoke of the realization that I had, when younger, that the true determination of something's strength can only be found when it is put under stress or trial.  For example, a spider's web, although beautiful to see and to watch being made, is only brought to it's full purpose and potential when something is putting pressure on it.  Interestingly, something as frail looking as a spiders web has been found to be stronger than steel or Kevlar.  I sent her this little doodle to remind her that the test, although challenging, is what may help her see her own strength, and purpose.

I hope you enjoy.

These were both done in Procreate.