Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas Self-Portrait


Last night as we were waiting impatiently for the kids to finally go to sleep, I realized that I was being the GRUMP of all GRUMPS for the past few days. So I pulled out my recently found sketchbook and decided to pass the time doing a holiday self-portrait. Enjoy.


  1. Lotus Vele2:44 PM

    I totally love this picture and feel you should market it to parents... ; ) Hubby and I felt the same way!
    Awesome as always!

  2. wagonized2:46 PM

    I was going to say, Witness, this portrait is SPOT ON!! Hahaha! I love the humor in this! Great twist on Noël.

  3. Anonymous9:24 AM

    I have been looking at your drawings... absolutely LOVE your hatching techniques! I find that drawing intricate details and spending an inordinate amount of time crosshatching puts me in the "zone", similar to meditation... just wanted you to know how much I enjoy your portraits.

  4. Ha! Very good, and so descriptive! I love this.

  5. said it well...I had the feeling myself this year and had to squash it! GREAT job...and the santa is wonderful! :>

  6. This is great..felt the same way myself and had to squash it vigorously:> GREAT drawing and I also LOVE your Santa...he definitelyhad a rough nite:>