Sunday, December 10, 2006

another Sketch from Scrooge


I finished "A Christmas Carol" last night and was impressed with the imagery of the lonely crutch of Tiny Tim, as well as Scrooge's pleading with the final ghost. I hope you enjoy the sketch (this one was done in church as well.)


  1. In church??!! I love how you seem to always know the right amount of cross-hatching. Great sketch, and what a cool topic!

  2. Anonymous3:33 AM

    I admire your illustrative work a lot - Wish I had your imagination! Why are you not illustrating books? (or are you?)

  3. Anonymous9:14 PM

    Great drawings! I echo the other 2 comments!! I mean it when I say that I enjoy looking at your work. Throw in some doodles and stuff that's not so good so we know you're human. : )

    Pat from if I don't get signed in here...

  4. I really like this drawing...just enough hatching and color to keep it interesting, but still simple and crisp. :)