Saturday, June 10, 2017

Another Moth for a Friend

Yet another great young man that I know is about to head out to serve a mission wherein he will dedicate two entire years, all day long, looking for people that need help, and doing his best to be of service.  So, this week's envelope and letter goes out to him and hopefully it will get to him as he arrives in South America just as he is starting this new endeavor.  I chose a moth, since in South America I know he will experience his share of many colorful insects. (And, if honesty prevails...I just really like to paint insects.)
Also, as noted in other posts, I'm fascinated in the metamorphosis that certain insects make in their life span, starting first as something formless, ugly and undesirable, yet, with the potential and inborn capacity to turn into something breathtaking and amazing.
Isn't this true with all of us, to some extent or another?  We grow, we change, maybe we don't like what we see in the mirror at times, or what we see in other people....but if we could just see their full potential, catch a small glimpse of what they can become, wouldn't we be so much more accepting, kind and patient with ourselves and others?
This young man is one of those amazing moths, who has grown and continues to grow, and I have no doubt he will look for others, see their potential, and help them along the path of metamorphosis.

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