Friday, June 16, 2017

Compass Rose

This week I was challenged to make a map, something I have never done before...aside from the treasure maps I would make as a kid, trying to mimic the ones in the movies with stale paper, burnt edges, and that always lead to a buried treasure with "X" marking the spot.
But as an adult, I've never really looked at making a map as a creative project to undertake.  So, tonight I dove in and started with the compass rose.  Not sure yet what the rest of the map will look like, but it was a little intimidating to start.  I pulled out the cheapest piece of paper I could find, an old newspaper sheet, and started doodling on it.  I find that when I have "intimidation block" that it is cured quickly by working on something that doesn't hurt to throw away, hence the cheap paper. I actually liked the toned paper look, even though the scan was a little wrinkled because of the way the water from the gouache wrinkled the paper.
Anyway, here's the start to some type of map dealing with,..YEP, INSECTS!