Saturday, June 03, 2017


This week's doodle envelope and letter goes out to someone who has been faced with recent challenges that would cause any normal person to pause and ponder just how to move forward, how to cope with the changes, and to be able to keep their head above water.  I like the image of a turtle coming up for air while swimming.  To the casual observer, it might appear that it is struggling to survive, barely able to keep the nose up where the needed air is available.  Yet, built inside of the sea turtles is capacity.  They have ability to swim, to maneuver in water that would pose as a threat to other animals, and the ability to stay under those currents for a very long time.  Even though they need air to live, to survive, they can handle being away from it for 4 to 7 hours if needed.
I did this letter to remind the individual that although it may seem like they may drown, that they have the ability to draw upon other strengths, other built in abilities, to handle something that may appear, on the surface, to be something that would harm.

Years ago I did another little turtle sketch, also exploring the same ideas as expressed above.