Sunday, April 20, 2008

Saturday and Sunday Sketches...

I haven't done much drawing lately, so I only have two to post for the last couple of weeks.
First, my son has begun his baseball season again, so, I find myself with time to doodle at his baseball games. I was impressed with the trees around the field as compared to the lights, so I did this little sketch:

baseball trappings

As for this last sketch, I have decided to try to start illustrating something from the various books that I am reading. I find that I read more often than I watch T.V., etc. Consequently, I have my nose in a book quite often. In seeking out ways to keep the creative juices flowing, I decided that I will try to make one illustration of at least every book that I read and enjoy.
This first illustration actually comes from a book of scripture that I have been pondering. You can read more about why I illustrated this scene on my writing blog. The approach I took was to steal the style of some of the old Japanese woodblock prints and run with it. I had fun, and even came up with a oriental-style signature to continue the motif. Enjoy:



  1. Both are beautiful...the wave piece with the reed boats rocks! Absolutely gorgeous! :)

  2. Those waves are fantastic - Hiroshige would be proud for sure -but I especially like the juxtaposition of the tree with the light pole. It's a beautiful glimpse into how your mind works. And that one spot of red from your signature is Brilliant!

  3. What a wonderful drawing. I read a lot too. I just might have to steal your idea and draw something when I'm done.