Monday, April 21, 2008

Sketching Night...

As promised in the last post, I have tried to give justice to the feelings and thoughts that I experienced while and after reading "Night" by Elie Wiesel. There really aren't words to attempt to describe it, and trying to do so might cheapen the impact that it had upon me. I suggest the book to others, so as not to forget what can be unleashed in each of us if we do not watch the demons within...



  1. I think that you captured that book very well.
    Night was such a dark and sad book to read.

  2. I finally read this book for the first time last year. I am a little saddened that they do not make it required reading for all students--it captured so much about the Holocaust experience and was very appropriately titled... great illustration.

  3. I read night for school last year as a 10th grader. I like this book a lot and it teachs the horror of the experience and not just when any why like history does. I also enjoyed it as a piece of art becuse it is very well written and makes me feel like im there with him, but I was disapointed by my fellow students, as always, they didn't see the art and they didn't really care. I don't like reading books in school because we have to rip them in to polt, symbols,ect. and it takes some of the beauty out of them. I wish to read night again on my own

  4. Anonymous6:05 AM

    What materials did you use to create this? I'm doing a project over Night for school and would love to paint this..

  5. I had to go back and look at the sketchbook to remember the media I used. It is a mixture of pen and ink, some acrylic, but mostly watercolor.....I hope this helps.