Friday, July 04, 2008

Patriotic lemons...

This morning we took the kids to brunch just to get out and enjoy the day. Here's the lemon from my drink in the most patriotic garb I could muster:


After we got home, the kids and I had a massive water fight on the front lawn. It was perfect to beat the Georgia sun. After drying off, we all sat down to the table to doodle and paint away the afternoon. I had nothing in mind, and so my pen just drew. This is what came out. (Don't ask, I have not idea either.)


I'm also adding a couple of doodles that I did a few days ago. One is of a fellow that was speaking at my church. I was intrigued with his comments and doodled him speaking. The other is yet another sumo sketch. I didn't like this one, but am posting it nonetheless.




  1. Great doodles, really like the lemon and accumulation.

  2. Anonymous7:03 AM; You saved my day again.