Saturday, July 28, 2012


I have been doing all of my sketching in attempt to keep up with the EDM challenges...but today I took a day off, pulled some of the frozen specimens of bugs that I have caught over the last few days, and decided to get a few of them ready to be pinned and added to my collection.....I also did an entry in the bug-book to document a bit of the festivities.

The main focus was a rabid wolf spider that my wife and son found on our porch that was just so happened to be carrying a few (22 to be exact) babies on its back.  Here's some pics...

Here's the little babies next to my probe for scale.

Here's mama next to the same probe for scale

Here's one of the little-'uns under the microscope

Here's mama with the little one's hitching a ride...

Here's my "bug book" entry for the spider and her hairy legs.


  1. This is seriously one of my favourite posts EVERY! how cool! Hairy spiders tiny and then with the magnifying glass! cooool! Your sketch is awesome, but then again they all are!