Saturday, January 06, 2018

Olive Branch

This past week, I listened to a person in our neighborhood recount her experience of working through pain pill addiction after complications that she faced with the birth of her youngest child.  The sincere way that she spoke about her challenge, the learning experience that was long, but instructive, and how she finally was able to get to a point where she humbled herself enough to recognize how badly she needed help was extremely impactful to me.  I was so impressed with her courage to share how she turned to a strength greater than her own, and only then began to find the power to face her difficulty, and to begin the process of overcoming.  The account that she gave of the reality of a more divine assistance available to us as we humbly seek it out, was refreshing and served as a reminder to me that we need not carry our burdens alone.
The envelope that I painted this week went out to her.  I painted the olive branch, because of the symbol that it represents.  In this life we seem to be at war with so many things.  Sometimes it is a war with self, or our neighbor, or family, as we battle to survive through our numerous challenges.  But there is a peace available, offered to us through meeker submissiveness to a power higher than our own.  There is an "olive branch" that is available for every person that is "warring" with this or that challenge.
I need to be reminded of that more frequently. 
This went out anonymously to her recently with an enclosed note thanking her for her courage and counsel.

Painted with gouache, acrylic and pen and ink.