Sunday, January 14, 2018

...seen or unseen, they are always near

Recently, I learned that a dear friend lost his angel mother to death.  Over the past few years I watched as he took her into his own home because of her increasing struggles with dementia.  He and his wife tended to her needs, despite having young children with very large needs of their own.  They treated her with kindness and compassion, and served as a great example to me of what it means to "Honor Thy Father and Thy Mother."

When I learned of her passing, I contemplated the happiness that has come into my life knowing that my own Father, who I lost a number of years ago to cancer, still is an active, engaged participant in my life, but from a different part of the "vineyard."

A wise and trusted teacher once stated, "From the beginning down through the dispensations, God has used conveying love and concern for His children.  ...Seen or unseen they are always near." --Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

I believe that those that we loved in this life, that have passed on, are given opportunities to watch over us, when needed, and assist us through the challenges we face, just as they did while in this life, and that we, if we desire, will be given opportunities to do so now, and after we pass.

So, today, I painted this envelope for my friend, and sent a little letter thanking him for his example, and giving my assurance of the proximity of loved ones that go unseen.

Done in gouache and acrylic.