Sunday, January 06, 2019

By their fruits shall ye know them

There is a little elderly couple in our neighborhood that has been very sweet to us and the rest of the neighbors.  Last year, she called around to many of the people in our vicinity and wanted to share the lemons off of her lemon tree.  She would ask, I have lemons, how many do you want?  After inquiring, she went around from house to house and dropped off two, or three lemons, or however many were requested, on to the porch of the neighborhood.  At almost 90, this effort was touching and inspiring.
Sadly, the husband of this good lady passed away during the Christmas holiday.  We had the chance to go to the services held for this good man to support the family, but I wanted to paint her a little token of appreciation for her example, and for the many acts of service that has filled up her life and that of her husband.
I thought it would be appropriate to doodle a few lemons, and thank her for her “fruits.”

This is done in gouache.