Sunday, February 03, 2019

Tentacles and Vines

Lately, I haven't been as prolific in my painting as I used to be.  The schedule was to knock out a friendly note and painted envelope to someone at lease once a week, but I have been a slacker, and have not kept up the pace.  Surprisingly, I've had a couple of people reach out and express frustration for not being able to get a "weekly fix" of the posting of what was painted from the week before.  Whoops....

Nonetheless, here are a couple of things that I've done in the "designer envelope" portfolio from the past couple of weeks.

As stated in a previous post, I have a good friend with which I correspond on a fairly regular basis.  We use snail mail, or regular post office, home grown, pen to paper communication.  But in an effort to keep all the correspondence in one place, we send a large sketchbook back and forth to each other with letters written to each other on it's pages.  I enjoy being able to go back and read what has been written previously, and it reads like a thoughtful conversation of counsel going back and forth between friends.

Almost a good as the written word inside, is the chance for me to paint on the package as it goes back and forth.  I used a quote about the "Tentacles of Divine Providence" in my last letter to my friend, which spoke about the ever reaching influence of Diety on our families as we strive to watch over and serve and love them.  Consequently, I thought it would be fun to decorate his package with a giant tentacle.  Here's how it turned out:

 So that is going to the post-office this week.

Also, I found out recently that a dear friend of mine from Rome, GA suffered a stroke and is currently recuperating at a health care rehabilitation center away from her home and her husband.  I feel sad at the struggle that she is facing, and the uncertainty of what lies ahead for her and her family.  I painted her this envelope and included a note about how I've been grateful for her good example, and how she has done so much to stay attached to the "True Vine" (See John 15:1).  I thought a little doodle of a vine would be a nice visual to reinforce the message.

This too, will have a trip to the post office this week.
 Both are done in gouache, with a small amount of inking.